Daniel Vercetti



“When I first saw him I was a bit intimidated by this big serious looking dude! I worked with Vercetti during the workshop and I was so impressed! He is one of the friendliest and most genuine guys you can meet. He joined Soul for the entire one-on-one with me. Vercetti’s got game… no doubt… he kept approaching the hottest girls and number closing them with ease. His body language is just so powerful, confident, and expressive. Having come from a background of acting he gave me some very powerful tips on body language and storytelling and living your emotions. As a person Vercetti felt like a friend I have known for years. He wants you to succeed and demonstrated great knowledge and patience with me. This guy is brilliant!” Source: The Attraction Forums – click here.

“Before he ever said a word you look at this dude and know he is straight mack. V spoke about body language, inner game, and vocal projection – a lot of interactive stuff. Again, very easy to use techniques that I guarantee will help skyrocket your game instantly. I know what he taught me is going to help no doubt. He did a quick re-frame with me on a limiting belief that you had to see to believe. He took a limiting belief I’ve had for ages (regarding running out of steam and things to say in set), slapped it around like it owed him money, and re-framed it into something positive. Oh, and this took him all of 20 seconds.” Source: The Attraction Forums – click here.

“Vercetti’s 10 minutes that he spent with me working on vocal projection blew me away and made the results I was getting skyrocket. If you get a chance to work with him do not pass it up.” Source: The Attraction Forums – click here.

“Vercetti is another guy I didn’t know much about beforehand, but holy shit, this guy is good. I actually can’t think of a description to do him justice. His body language and slow, controlled movements make it obvious that he kills it in-field. He sub communicates massive value. I got the feeling that V has won some sets over before ever speaking.” Source: The Attraction Forums – click here.

“The second half went a lot better for me. Vercetti made me practice a few times and it seemed to get easier from then on. I have to mention that this guy is also an excellent teacher, always very alert and providing constant feedback.” Source: The Attraction Forums – click here.

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