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The Assumption Game

By vercetti on May 4, 2011

This is almost like cheating but I actually have to give myself a pat on the back for having a random moment of genius, even though I was completely winging it the first time I came up with it!

It follows a similar format as the question game but is used earlier in the set and can run through the WHOLE SET!!!

Whilst doing High End Club Game with the Navy Seal Team (5.0DaxxMr M , Sheriff) and on a 1-1Mr M Veto’s (A great game we play, you point to a hot set and your wing has to open, NO EXCUSES!) me on a 2 set of ridiculously Hot Brunettes, they have a bunch of guys floating around them and my first reaction is “Fuck! You Bastard! “)”

**Note** Mr M is notorious for always vetoing me with incredibly hot sets, although he’s stopped recently…maybe because I almost always end up hooking up with them and taking them off the market! 😉


I’ve become lazy of late and she was sufficiently hot enough to get my heart poounding so I go Direct, cutting through the guys orbiting them and lay it down on the hottest one:

V: “Hey, You’re fucking Gorgeous! I’m V”
Her: Smile “Thank you, I’m Sarah”
V: “Well Sarah, I’m getting the Bouncers to throw you out!”
Her: “What? WHY!?”
V: “Well look at the way you’re dancing, you’re teasing these poor chumps who don’t have the balls to come talk to you” Point to Chumps (Evil, I know, but fuck it, they should’ve taken a workshop with Lovesystems) “You should be ashamed of yourself woman!”
Her: “Whaaaat! I’m not doing anything!”

(Daxx comes in to wing, with perfect Navy Seal timing and intercepts the other girl before she interferes)

V: “You’re such a Player!”
Her: “No I’m not, I’m a good girl!”
V:”Yeah right! You’ve got “PLAYER” written all over your forehead!” (gentle grab the back of her head and trace you’re finger across her forehead) “See!?”
Her: Lol
V: “Actually…you know what…I believe you…Hmm that’s interesting…You have really truthful eyes…At Drama School, I had this teacher who used to say that the best actors live, in truth, behind their eyes. She also said that no matter what, you should never assume things about a person until you’ve had a chance to look into their eyes…and find out…who they really are.” (Find an Alternative from you’re life…”My Business Mentor/Ex-Girl Friend/Whoever used to say people live behind their eyes etc, etc…)
Her: Look on her face like “Take me home now!”
V: “I’ll show you something cool, let’s play a game”
Her: “Okay”
V: “It’s called the Assumption game! We have to reveal an assumption that we’ve made about each other. However there are rules…

1. We have to be totally honest so we know we can trust each other
2. We can’t get mad at the assumptions
3. You start!”

**Here’s where it get’s incredibly fun and interesting**

Some of the Benefits of the Assumption Game

You are making statements instead of asking questions by default

She becomes invested in the interaction and begins to pay closer attention to you

The interaction becomes balanced early with both of you making contributing

You can Demonstrate your value directly off of her assumptions

You can build Attraction, Qualify , Set Frames and Sexual Hoops, and Build Comfort like a Jedi!

Below are some examples of “Assumptions” I’ve used in various interactions. I start off lightly “Assuming” all the information I want to know without having to ask a question because she will inevitably enlighten if I make an incorrect statement. I then gradually move on to more sexual assumptions displaying my comfort and knowledge on the topic.

“You’re Sweedish” (Whatever Nationality you think she is)

“You’re fun loving and need to let your hair down, you’re dancing as if you’re shaking off a tough week”

“You’re very fashion conscious, very stylish”

“You’re independent, you seem like the type of person who sets her own rules and lead the pack rather than follow others.”

“You go for you want! You seem like you’re the type of woman that grabs life by the balls and makes shit happen…”

“You’re shy but I can also see a dangerous side of you hidden behind your eyes, like it’s waiting for a reason to burst out…”

“You’re Bitchy, but behind all that, there’s this sweet girlie girl who still believes in the magic of love and finding her soul mate…”

“You like being seduced, you’re very in touch with your feminine side…”

“When you’re with a man that you’re extremely comfortable with, you become sexually aggressive and can’t control yourself…”

“You’ve never had a full body orgasm. You carry a lot of tension in your body that traps nerve endings making it hard for you to relax and fully enjoy receiving pleasure. That’s a Shame!”
Be prepared to answer her “Why?” questioning with answers that reinforce the frame or bait her to divulge the truth.

I’ve had all kinds of assumptions made about me, I find it really interesting; people’s perceptions and how close or far they are from reality.

Remember the 2nd rule however, “We Can’t get mad at the assumptions” That applies to both of you! Take everything in your stride and use it an an opportunity to DHV. This game should start off light and can move through the Emotional Progression Model alongside your Physical and Logistical Progression.

Have fun, field test and then add your discoveries to this post, I’m still refining and sharpening “The Assumption Game” so it would be awesome to hear your field experiences, and some of you’re Assumptions, Cold reads , Frames, Sexual Hoops etc.

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