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Approaching the Mixed Set – Key to Success

By vercetti on May 4, 2011


I was inspired to write this post after the Miami Daygame Workshop that I was instructing with Soul , it’s also something that comes up EVERY Bootcamp or 1-1 without fail!

At least one student will say “That’s probably her boyfriend”.

Let me first start by saying I personally don’t advocate taking another guys woman, one of the reasons I continue to learn and teach dating science is to make a positive contribution. Call me old fashioned but I like to see people happy, and being the destructive force in someone else’s relationship doesn’t sit well with me.

That said, I will find out the status of a relationship in order to determine whether I can hit on the girl.

So, we’re in Miami and I’m walking with 3 of the students and one points out this smoking hot blonde with these two guys sat at a table talking.

He asks me “How would you approach that set?” followed by the legendary statement “That’s probably her boyfriend”.
Instantly I tell him Never Assume Anything! Unless it’s obvious, like they’re holding hands, kissing or generally doing relationship stuff, you really don’t know! Then I told him to Go Find Out!


It’s hugely important to Seek Reference Experiences when developing a new Habit, Belief System etc. 50% of the struggle is realising that IT’S POSSIBLE the other 50% is learning that it’s possible for YOU. This is the reason why, my 1-1’s consist of me doing Demo’s so students see what is possible and then the Students taking action and being advised step by step in order to see first hand that it’s possible for them.

So how do you approach the mixed set?
The number one thing to remember is to show the guys in the group RESPECT!

I’ve been out with hot female friends that I have no interest in getting sexual with and I’ve had guys come up and start talking to the girls with no acknowledgement or show of respect for me. I instantly cock block J. Then on the flip side of the coin I’ve had guys introduce themselves, show me due respect and if he has decent game and my friend likes him, I’ll even help him.

Every man can relate to the feeling of seeing a hot woman and wanting her. However not every guy can relate to the experience of actually grabbing his balls and making the approach in a coherent, non-alcohol infused way. Most will respect you for doing it (if you acknowledge them and show them respect), some will be dicks either way…that’s life.

By respect I don’t mean kissing their arses I just mean finding out the status of the relationship.
Direct approach
1. Friend
Me: “Hey lads, I had to find out…is she your girlfrien d? She’s Gorgeous!”
Lads: “Nah, she’s a good friend”
Me: “Yes!!! (Like a big kid) J Hi, I’m Vercetti”

Game On!!! Treat the guys as if they are standard obstacles to befriend, and isolate her as soon as possible.

2. Partner
Me: “Hey lads, I had to find out…is she your girlfriend ? She’s Gorgeous!”
Lad: “She’s my fiancé”
Me: “Fair play man, she’s beautiful, congrats!” Aaaand I’m out!

3. Sister
Me: “Hey lads, I had to find out…is she your girlfriend? She’s Gorgeous!”
Lad: “She’s my sister”
Me: “Fair play mate, no disrespect intended she just took my breath away, she’s beautiful…I’m Vercetti”

I say all of the above loud enough for her to hear, introduce myself to the guys, then to her and then go ahead and work my magic on her.

4. Direct to the girl (Be prepared to deal with possible heavy resistance from the guys)
V: “Hey, are any of these guys your boyfriend?”
Her: “Nah, they’re just friends
V: Playful “Yes! You’re fucking gorgeous”
Try both opening the guys and opening the girl directly. I honestly switch between both depending on how bold I’m feeling J, going directly to her shows less regard for the guys which displays both you’re lack of fear and lack of social intuition – both approaches should be done with high value sub-communications like I described in my post.
Indirect approach
1. Open the whole group and not just the girl, then when you introduce yourself get her name last and say to the closest guy “And what’s your girlfriends name?” (loud enough for her to hear) at which point her or the guy will answer and make the relationship status known. (Credit 5.0 )

2. The classic “How do you all know each other?” After having run standard indirect game.

So my student went in, showed the guys respect, found out the relationships and to his delight they were all just friends ! GAME ON!!!

In Closing…
Never assume! The girl with the headphones in or reading the book doesn’t want to be bothered…Nonsense! No single woman would rather read her book or listen to Beyoncé than be seduced by a Sophisticated Seducer.

Go in and Find out!

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