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Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation – Home Study Course – Limited DVD Launch

By vercetti on June 25, 2010





The Beyond Words DVD Launch (Limited To 500 Copies Only):

9am PST – 10 June 2010 (this Thursday!)

The first thing I had to work on massively to get better with women, and I still work on to this day, was my body language.
Soul, Love Systems, Master Instructor

BODY LANGUAGE – the magic BEHIND the words, lines and routines – is the secret to getting the best results with the hottest women.

Any guy who is NATURALLY GOOD WITH WOMEN might NOT use lines and routines… but that guy MUST have great Body Language to create Attraction.

That’s why Cajun, Mr M, 5.0, Keychain and Vercetti (myself) teamed up to produce a specialized seminar on the secrets of Body Language. Here’s a sample clip.


The seminar has hours of instantly usable techniques that you can use to start immediately attracting women with and without the use of words.

Also featured (as an amazing bonus) is KEYCHAIN (voted one of the Top 10 Pick Up Artists in the World in 2010) teaching Day Game and Rapid Physical Escalation. Yep – on the same DVD set.

I didn’t know about [Keychain] honestly, but after 5 minutes I was with my mouth open thinking: “Who the fuck is this guys, he’s freaking impressive”. He talked about (extremely) Rapid-Kino-Escalation. He just destroyed all my limiting beliefs about kino escalation and k-close” – F.L. (click here for full review)

Here are some more clips from the seminar:

The seminar has hours of instantly usable techniques that you can use to start immediately attracting women with and without the use of words.

Want more proof? As if the reviews on The Attraction Forums for Cajun, 5.0, Keychain and Vercetti’s amazing pick up skills were not enough… you can watch Cajun use his body language to get attraction from HOT girls LIVE on National TV, below…

Oh and one VERY IMPORTANT thing before you watch them… there are only 500 DVDs for the initial launch. There are hundreds of thousands of Love Systems fans so this really is a “no brainer”… the DVD’s are going to sell out.

To work 1-1 with Cajun, Mr M or Vercetti can cost upwards of $1000 per day. Or $3000 for a normal Love Systems program. This is a 7 DVD Masterclass with, not one, but FOUR world-class pick up and dating instructors. TWO OF THESE INSTRUCTORS ARE RATED BY THE INDEPENDENT TSB MAGAZINE TO BE IN THE TOP 10 PICK UP ARTISTS IN THE WORLD (Cajun and Keychain). 

Unfortunately, no one knows the price yet – we’re still waiting for the office to tell us how much it will cost. I’d suggest just keeping a look out at http://www.lovesystems.com at 9am PST on 10 June 2010 (this Thursday!) to see. Savoy had this to say about the Beyond Words DVD: 

An important announcement about the Beyond Words DVDs from Savoy (President and CEO of Love Systems)

“If you sit down, watch this seminar and apply just ‘some’ of these tried-and-tested pro level strategies you will experience an immediate and profound boost to your game. 

Because even small improvements in your non-verbal communication reap instant and massive gains which mean more flirty glances, more phone numbers, more dates, more fun… 

And of course – more getting laid. 

Seminars are awesome and I always recommend them, but unfortunately this particular training session will not be offered again so this is the only way you can see it. And one of the other big benefits with a home study course like this is that you can pause, rewind and re-watch all of the most important parts, take as many notes as you like… and brush-up – as often as you want. 

Why it’s so damn important: 

Because a woman makes dozens of different (and instant) unconscious assumptions about you within the first few seconds she sees you. Even if you’re just entering the club to find your friends, she’s got you figured out and made a firm decision about whether she’d even consider you. 

So if you don’t understand how to communicate non-verbally and how to trigger a woman’s attraction without words, then no routine is going to save you. There’s nothing you can say to change her mind. 

On the other hand, if you DO get and understand body language, then almost any words will work. That’s right! And this is exactly what Beyond Words will teach you – how to trigger attraction in women through subtext, presence and body language. 

You will find that almost every great seducer has (at one time or another) studied body language rigorously. BUT – it’s something that is very difficult and virtually impossible to learn on your own. 

“How you carry yourself when you first approach a woman determines the first impression she gets of you; it’s critical. Studies the world over, and every credible dating expert I know, verify how important this is.” – Soul, Love Systems Instructor 

“Bad body language will get you ‘blown out’ before you even approach and open your mouth; awesome body language will make women want to approach you.” – 5.0, Love Systems Instructor 

“Good body language and sub-communication is what people mistakenly talk about when they talk about charisma and charm, they just don’t know it.” – Micha, Love Systems Instructor 

What you’ll receive: 

Here’s what you get if you’re a part of the launch party this Thursday: 

>> The 4 DVD home study course “Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation. 

Includes over 5 hours of immediately useful and cutting-edge strategies from the world’s top seduction coaches Cajun, Vercetti, 5.0 (and all masterminded by Mr. M) with in-depth lessons on: 

  • Body language (includes detailed instruction and exercises to ensure that you can pick it up straight away)
  • Subtext (what women ‘really’ think when they see you and how to use this to your absolute advantage)
  • Physical escalation (turn fun chats with cute girls into hot and heavy encounters)
  • Creating sexual presence (ensures that women become instantly attracted to you without really knowing why)
  • Using restraint to create attraction
  • And lots more… it’ll all be announced on Thursday 10 June

If you want to know some more, here’s what guys who attended the actual one-off seminar said about Beyond Words

“In conclusion… awesome.” 

“In conclusion, the seminar was awesome. It was recorded and there’ll be a DVD coming out of it in the future – I’m sure it’ll be worth a buy. Like my friend said, if you can’t afford the live training, I’m sure the DVD will be something you’ll want to pick up. Look into it.” – Pers 

“In a nutshell: this is real shit, delivered by real people, that can make a real difference!” – DPT 

“Provided me with value, ranging from immediate, to potentially lifelong.” 

“There are a number of levels at which this seminar provided me with value, ranging from immediate, to potentially lifelong. Firstly, it was fascinating – so the entertainment factor was very high. Secondly, it was inspiring – precious indeed. Thirdly – its application could very easily be fruitful in many areas of life – with women being the most obvious area…” – DPT 

“I was there, but still may buy the DVD!” 

“How good was it? I was there, but still may buy the DVD… I can’t criticise a single presenter; don’t get me wrong, if I could I would. I’m not holding back out of ‘fanboy’ mentality, or anything similar, but they all had good stuff to say, and said it well. There was so much info in there, it will take a fair amount of time to work through, but it was all gold.” – O.B.B. 

“Full of insightful, applicable ideas.” 

“This presentation is full of insightful, applicable ideas put over in an entertaining way by experts who teach only what they have put into practice. Well worth seeing. Credit to Mr. M for putting it together.” – Rockfish 

As a part of our launch party, you’ll receive a stack of awesome bonuses – all included for you, and all for FREE: 

1. A bonus DVD disc featuring Love Systems instructor Keychain on day game and rapid physical escalation. 

So that you can meet, attract and date beautiful women anywhere, anytime. He gives you the tools to approach that pretty girl in the street and not just hope she talks to you (because odds are, she won’t). Not only that but he also covers rapid physical escalation and how you can use the female psyche to have her totally comfortable with you in record time. 


2. Another bonus DVD disc with seduction master – Vercetti. 

Teaching his coveted “inner game” lesson. 

Something that he normally only teaches in private consults. Basically it’s how to get your “mind right” so that your confidence flows from within you and spreads to all areas of your life. The result is having the kind of inner self-assurance that females are magnetically attracted to. 

Then to finish out the bonus discs, Cajun exposes some very interesting tactics to employ with ‘online game.’ This means you can turn Facebook friends into “friends with benefits.” 


3. Body Language Revealed – an Interview with Me and Cajun 

Cajun and I had great feedback on the private conference call we did on body language last week – so we’re going to include that for you as well (even if you were in on the call). It contains over 40 minutes of detailed Q & A that will give you the insight you need to really improve not just your body language but how you interact with women in general. 

And possibly the coolest… 

4. Cajun’s also agreed to include a confidential “master class” DVD. 

This private recording takes you to the inner sanctum. This master class is a private interview session held with Cajun and Vercetti answering questions from students just like you. 

This is your chance to get inside their heads and learn what it really takes to be able to attract women – comfortably and easily. 

The master class contains raw and ready information that they have personally used (repeatedly) to effortlessly charm and seduce the kinds of women that most men dream about. This isn’t abstract “game theory” (that sounds great but is impossible to apply); these are the actual steps, routines, mind-sets and approaches that these guys use. 

Cajun was declared on Keys to the VIP as “The pinnacle…” and “The best guy we’ve seen… in regards to his ability to attract women… This shows guys out there that looks don’t matter.” 

And 5.0 said that, “I have yet to see anyone in the 3 years I have taught around the world hold a group of beautiful women’s attention almost solely through presence alone, quite like Vercetti can.” 

So no matter where your game’s at right now, access to this revealing and detailed information will take you to new levels. As a part of this special launch party… you will receive this private master class for free that is not available anywhere else. 

Limited Places… 

Like I said, this is an exclusive and limited launch party for Love Systems subscribers only. And since you’re going to be getting an absolute ton of stuff, I’ve had to limit the number of places. 

We printed 500 copies – which would normally be just about enough for LS subscribers like you. BUT (and this is totally my fault) about two weeks back I was writing some seduction articles for FHM Online and I was talking to them about the Beyond Words course. 

At that stage I wasn’t expecting such insane demand and agreed to let them do a review on it. So I sort of screwed myself, because I’ve promised insiders the first opportunity, but FHM’s also got a review copy. 

Thankfully, FHM has agreed to hold back posting the review for a week or two – to make sure that you have a chance to get a copy first. Because once they put their review up, with something like 50,000 visitors a day to FHM Online, the remaining copies will vanish pretty quickly. 

When, where, etc. 

It’s going to be released this Thursday 8:00AM PST and I’ll be sending you the link via e-mail. 

BTW – If you pre-ordered, I have set aside your copy but if I don’t hear from you, then I’ll need to take your name off the package and send it to the guy below you on the list (just to be fair). 

I’ll be sending out the link either late Wednesday night or early Thursday to ensure that it’s out in time. 

In touch soon, 

– NS (Savoy)“ 

If you’re not on the list then you’ll miss out on the DVD release link and the bonuses. Click the link and enter your email and first name so we can give you insider information – Enter Email At The Top Of The Page. 


Finally, in a recent competition on The Attraction Forums asking “what’s the most important skill that all top guys have, regardless of their individual strengths?” the winner’s response was, “Body language – and everything else that you’re telling women without words.” 

This is going to be a seriously awesome DVD. I’m excited and I hope you are too. 

Here’s to getting more girls… hotter girls… and living the lifestyle. 

– Vercetti 

P.s. In case you just scrolled down to see WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE DVD… the answer is… you can’t. 

The Launch will be held at 9am PST – 10 June 2010 (this Thursday!) and there will be ONLY 500 COPIES SOLD. 

You MAY or MAY not have a chance to buy the DVD at a later date, but there is NO GUARANTEE the bonuses (Keychain on Rapid Physical Escalation, the Cajun and Vercetti SECRET VIDEO, the talk on Beliefs etc) will be included beyond the launch. So (1) sign up to the email list at www.lovesystems.com and (2) BE ON THE LOVE SYSTEMS SITE at 9am PST – 10 June 2010 (this Thursday!). 

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